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Exciting new novel set to thrill its readers!

For immediate release

Many people whether young or old are been seduced by the glamorization of ‘The Supernatural’ through books, movies, television and magazines. This international obsession with the unknown, is resulting in many naively getting involved with some unsavoury characters that are harmful and dangerous, according to co-authors Gloria Ekwulugo and Diane Wilkie. The story shows how dangerous it can be to dabble in things that initially may seem harmless and even helpful, when the reality is “all that glitters is not gold!”

The authors are excited to announce the launch of their new mystery novel which is a thriller set in the heart of Africa! It is based on a true story, full of suspense, intrigue and so much more that it will have you on the edge of your seat!

The book is written for every person who has ever bitten off more than they could chew and found themselves in a life and death situation.

Run for your life ISBN 978-1-62141-845-0

is available to order


20th of December 2012

The launch of the book has been absolutely fantastic!

Gloria and Diane want to thank everyone for all their


23rd of January

The blog tour started with a book spotlight at lost for books. See below:

See below


1 thought on “Press room”

  1. Jit Sandhu said:

    I have just read this book and found it to be everything it said to be, inspirational and so much more.
    Please purchase this book and sow into Diane and Gloria’s life.

    Thanks & enjoy your read.
    Jit x.

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