Book Reviews

It is the 8th of January 2013 and the reviews of Run for your life have started to come in! See what others are saying!

Great story. Well written. Richard from Birmingham

Great book. Sandra from London.

I was up till 1.00 am this morning reading the book! Sally from Birmingham.

Captivating! Jill from London.

This book is for everyone! I feel like I know the characters! Martin from Birmingham.

As soon as I picked the book up to read I couldn’t put it down. Its a brilliant book, easy to read, the story was exciting and scary at times, a cautionary tale. A real insight into Obi’s (the main character) life and how he tries to escape the poverty he was born into. I thoroughly recommend it. Pam from Birmingham.

1 thought on “Book Reviews”

  1. Jit Sandhu said:

    A heart wrenching, inspirational and very powerful book.
    It is well written & highly recommended book.
    Jit from Birmingham.

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