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This thing called life is indeed a challenge as most people would agree. At times it seems like quite a maze and as if one is groping in the dark! The way ahead is often unclear and seems to be masked as if by a thick fog! On top of that, it sometimes feels as if life itself is fighting against you or that you are literally running and fighting for your very life. The huge question is what is to be done about it. Many people have absolutely no idea. They go through life as if in a trance or on autopilot, because it is just such a painful and confusing thing. There are so many questions and not enough answers. Perhaps it would help greatly to go back to basics and follow the instructions given to us by our Creator (the one who is responsible for the existence of mankind). Perhaps the truth is that man’s arrogance that harbours the attitude that we know better than the one who made and loves us, really does not pay off afterall! Our world is in a complete chaotic mess which surely is no coincidence!

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